Tuesday, July 4, 2017

July Read-a-thons!

One of my goals for July is to try a Read-a-thon. So, I decided to go above-and-beyond my goals and participate in TWO different read-a-thons! I'm really excited about this and will keep you updated throughout my reading progress.

The first read-a-thon that I will be participating in is the High Summer Read-a-thon. This event is hosted by Seasons of Reading from July 17th (my birthday!!!) until July 30th. According to the guideline, there are basically no limitations to what you decide to read during this period. However, I will be establishing some of my own goals and TBR at a later date.

The second read-a-thon is the 24in48 reading challenge from July 22nd to July 23rd. This is going to be a lot more different than the relaxed High Summer Read-a-thon; I will be attempting to read 24 hours within a 48 hour time range. So, I feel like I won't actually be sleeping that weekend.

Again, updates will be made throughout both of the read-a-thons! I encourage all of you to also participate in some read-a-thons to give yourself a challenge or to get out from that reading slump. Let me know if you have future read-a-thon recommendations that you think I might be interested in.

Happy reading!

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